Coleridge Farm, Chillington, is a family run farm, Ian, Brenda, Richard, Melissa, Edward, Margaret and Matthew and Sam Darke. The farm has been with the Darke family for four generations. We farm 1000 Acres of land consisting of cereal, sheep and a milking herd, we also grow bulls/steers for beef. We feed the animals mainly grass with silage and oats which are grown on the farm.

We keep a pure flock of Devon and Cornwall Longwool sheep which are a rare breed.  We show at Devon County, Royal Bath and West and the Royal Cornwall. also day shows throughout the year. Our sheep have won the best sheep of the show several times we also show commercial sheep, which we have had commercial champion at all three major shows.

Our commercial flock is around 450 ewes, which are a mixture of Suffolk, Texel and Charolais.

We lamb the ewes from January onwards, taking in turn who does the late shift? Once the lambs are strong enough they are put into the fields as the mothers need the grass. The mothers are topped up with oats each day.

Matthew and Sam Darke shear the sheep and they also show the sheep at the shows throughout the year. We pride ourselves is producing a good quality animal which is good enough to show and for the table.