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Pure Beef Stock- 500ml
£4.35 each

Pure Beef Stock- 500ml

This product is frozen. 
Our pure beef stock is made the traditional way using grass-fed beef bones from local butchers and farms in Devon. We are able to trace the bones used in each batch of our beef stock back to the farm and the breed.

The bones are roasted first to create a rich dark colour for our stock. Colour = Flavour. They are then simmered gently with the aromats for 8hrs to draw out the nutrients and collagen which is great for your health and your cooking as this natural gelatin creates a lovely viscosity when used in recipes.


Water, Grass-fed Beef Bones, Onion, Leek, Carrot, Tomato puree, Bay Leaf, Thyme, Peppercorns

Nutrition - Typical values per 100g

Energy                             98KJ/23Kcal

Total Fat                        <0.5g

of which saturates           0.1g

Total Carbohydrate      <0.5g

of which sugars             <0.5g

Protein                              5g

Fibre                               <0.5g

Salt                                    0.08g

Collagen                           3.7g

The Pure Stock range is naturally gluten-free and is perfect if you are following a healthy diet or you care about what you feed your body. Each batch of stock is packaged and frozen immediately. This retains its freshness and ensures its pure and natural, preservative-free quality. Nothing artificial is added to our stocks and we don't add any salt, allowing you to season your dish as you wish.

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